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Timber Now is a brand name of TimberNow Limited.
This page outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the third party purchaser (customer) and the first party provider (supplier - Timber Now).


1.1 Accurate Information Clause

All products listed on our website are subject to our own accurate information clause which requires us to complete due diligence to ensure that the descriptions of the products we sell and list are of relevant nature to the product that the third party receives.


1.2 Delivery Standards


Please refer to Delivery & Returns policies

1.3 Guarantee's / Warranties


Unless otherwise or elsewhere stated none of our products carry a warranty or guarantee. Our core product range is primarily timber based or panel based products that will nearly always respond to the surroundings of their final application and being a natural product as such the first party (Timber Now) will not provide any guarantees for results, loss and final lifespan.  

1.4 Cancellations / Amendments of orders


The first party (Timber Now) is pleased to assure all customers that deliveries will receive a confirmed scheduled delivery date and if ordered online will always aim to ensure this is within a reasonable date of the order date i.e. 1-3 business days from order to delivery.

Unfortunately, sometimes for unforeseen reasons cancellations and/or amendments of orders may be required. In this eventuality Timber Now will always inform the third party (customer) of any up to date information in relation to your specific order.


If the third party (customer) wishes to cancel or amend an order a grace period of at least 48 hours is required in order for Timber Now to adjust the order and reconfirm delivery or cancellation of the order in question. 

The first party (Timber Now) reserve the right to cancel, amend or otherwise adjust orders as seen fit and will always strive to deliver the highest quality service and goods, always.

1.5 Refunds

Refunds on orders placed online can take up to seventy two hours to be processed and the refund period may be up to fourteen days before funds are received back in a customers bank account.

To request a refund simply hit the "Lets Chat" button on our website to talk to a live member of our team. Alternatively, follow the contact details below to request a refund.


If there are any specific questions in relation to these store policies then please contact us on 01702 840096 or email



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