Garden products

Timber Now source all of our garden products from a number of trusted mills in Sweden & Latvia. All of our goods are bought from FSC / PEFC approved suppliers.

   TGarden Sleepers:- The perfect choice to put around your new pond or to decorate the edges of a flower bed. Our sleepers are imported fully treated and ready to lay in your garden. Available in Brown and Green.

TSoftwood Decking:- Our impressive natural softwood decking is treated and ready for fitting into your future outside deck. Walk out of your house onto a nice warm timber deck this summer and know that our chunky 32mm deck boards will keep your garden fresh all year round.

TComposite Decking:- The latest and greatest addition to our range. Our "TN DECK​" is designed to make your property look beautiful through all seasons. Our timber-styled decking is as good as it gets when comparing durability, style, feel and value for money.

TN DECK is available ready for the two biggest seasons of the year: SUMMER-DECK & WINTER-DECK

Why only have a deck ready only for summer? See our custom choices